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Schools - Public and Private

It is clear and evident that our schools need advanced secure and critical safety tools. Let us partner with you to provide a complete security system solution. Keeping students safe is a heavy responsibility, but we have the solution so you can be confident that your school is a more secure and protected place. Introducing fourDscape, your new school security software.

fourDscape software platform connects video, access control, public announcement systems and lockdown systems (compatible with any sensored technology) and provides intelligence seamlessly within a common and mobile operating environment.

When all these critical data points come into one common view, you get an unmatched emergency response.

The fourDscape system, fortified with leading edge technology, was built on world-class expertise and situational awareness and backed by federal research grants, so you can be certain it is dependable and established. It is adaptable, so it will work with your current set-up.

fourDscape software was designed to make our hyper-connected world a more manageable and secure place for you, your students, your faculty and your community. Please call for more information.

University / Colleges and Corporate Campuses

Is it your responsibility to keep a university or corporate campus safe and secure? You may worry about dangerous or risk on campus and the challenge of countless threats. Do you need college campus security solutions that go beyond the camera? Introducing fourDscape, your new school security software.

fourDscape software platform connects your current video, access control, PA systems, and any other sensored system seamlessly into one common and mobile operating platform for your first responders efficient response.
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Commercial and Municipal Buildings

As director of security or Chief of Police, are you worried about the vulnerabilities and threats towards your personnel or municipal buildings? For managing and protecting critical assets like people, buildings, equipment, goods, and information, you need a software that integrates your commercial security systems together. NCD Communications has a solution for YOU.

The fourScape software platform integrates your video management system, fire systems, security alarms, visitor management, access control and more into our 3D floor plan, allowing Law Enforcement the ability to protect you during critical incidents.

Hospitals and Healthcare

If you are maintaining a hospital or healthcare space with a steady stream of visitors, patients and employees, safety and security are critical. In this industry especially, authorized access is also a huge concern. Does the security of your highly trafficked areas and services also keep you up at night? Sounds like you need to find a hospital security systems software integrator.

NCD Communications and the fourDscape platform is your mature and proven solution.
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