About Us

About us

NCD Communications, Inc., is a veteran-owned business founded in 1997 by Jim DiAngelo.

While Jim DiAngelo, our president, was in the US Air Force, he worked in communications and radio relays in Germany. After his service, he worked for a small cabling company while learning the business and then decided he wanted to start his own company. He saw an opportunity to better solutions and service by integrating his skills and experience he acquired while in the military.

Jim started NCD Communications with a crew of six and now boasts a team of 40-50 employees. Our first customer was Stony Brook University in 1997 and they are still with us today, an example of the service and adaptability of our company.

When we started, we were strictly a structured cabling company and fulfillment team but we have grown the business to be a primary provider for both security solutions as well as integrated security software.

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Meet the Team

As a leader in commercial security systems, we can help you customize and install a complete security solution to meet your safety needs.

Why Choose NCD

Providing The Best Practices for Industry Security Protocols & Standardizing Procedures.

We can partner with you to design and implement a scalable integrated security solution that addresses your toughest security challenges, while gaining efficiencies across your systems and teams by standardizing platforms and implementing event-driving system automation and powerful solutions help