Lockdown Panic Alarms

Lockdown Panic Alarms

One Button Lockdown Security System

The One Button Lockdown Security System is a sophisticated security solution designed to swiftly summon law enforcement and secure facilities during emergency situations. It employs an emergency lockdown button that is particularly effective in safeguarding school buildings during active shooter scenarios.

Despite the prevalence of lockdown protocols, confusion still persists regarding the meaning of the term and the methods by which it can be activated. In many instances, a lockout system may suffice initially, with additional layers added as budget permits to achieve full lockdown capabilities. In either scenario, there are certain key considerations to keep in mind when designing a one button lockdown system.

Lock Down Sequence

When the lockdown buttons are pressed or a code is entered on the Lockdown Keypad, the following sequence is initiated:

  1. Immediate contact is made with the police, providing precise information about the alarm’s location, staff, and condition.
  2. Visual notifications begin to activate such as strobe lights.
  3. Audible notifications start to play through public address announcements. 
    • For schools, we can customize this by using the principal’s voice to guide staff and students during emergencies, making it more familiar.
  4. The door access systems are locked to prevent entry into the building or any interior doors.
  5. Notifications are sent out according to the school district’s or organization’s preferences; such as mobile alerts, email alerts, or community-wide phone calls. For example, different districts typically choose a different method, and some may choose not to have community notification.
  6. Video cameras, door access systems, and public address systems are connected to local and county Emergency Management centers using FourDScape Software. This ensures accurate information is sent directly to first responders, significantly improving response speed and efficiency.
  7. Video verification of lockdown initiation is recorded for later review, capturing who initiated the lockdown and their location.
  8. The TapApp is activated, allowing for community and staff notifications.

Ways to Initiate a Lockdown

  • Mobile device or smartphone
  • Wall-mounted emergency button
  • Hardwired emergency buttons
  • IP phone hotkey
  • Computer interface/keyboard
  • Directly through the video management system
  • iPad or tablet
  • Special lockdown readers (any card triggers)
  • Special lockdown cards (work on any readers)
  • RAVE app integration 

Initiating a lockdown has various options. A school or organization can choose to install emergency lockdown buttons on walls, use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, or utilize hardwired emergency buttons and IP phone hotkeys. Lockdown can also be initiated through computer interfaces, keyboards, or directly through the video management system. Special lockdown readers and cards are also available to trigger a lockdown.

Lockdown Actions Available

  • Automatic lock of: 
    • Interior doors 
    • Exterior doors
  • Card access disabled (except for first responders) 
  • Strobes light up (inside and outside)
  • Card readers illuminate in red 
  • Email/text messages are automatically sent out 
  • Visitor intercoms are disabled 
  • PA announcement from the principal (automated) 
  • Public display monitors change 
  • RAVE system activated 

The One Button Lockdown Security System can be integrated with existing access control and surveillance camera systems, and offers a range of lockdown actions including exterior and classroom doors locking automatically, disabling card access except for first responders, and strobes lighting up both inside and outside. The system can also send out automatic email and text messages, and disable visitor intercoms.

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